In my daily work, I use the time tested motto:

Stealing another person’s work is PLAGERISM

Stealing a BUNCH of other people’s work is RESEARCH


I’ll share here some LINKS that I find helpful or informative on this project.

Also on this page is some info about THE AREA, especially wildlife and weather.





My Real Estate Agent has an excellent website full of links and other information about property and building off-the-grid, as well as some really nice properties for sale in the San Luis Valley.


My man with the Containers, hauling and welding business is Chuck Heald at Healdworks, Inc. Tell him you got connected from my website, he’s excited to help folks out with alternative housing in the region.  


A guy in the area building an off-the-grid house on the cheap has an online journal of his project with excellent pictures, descriptions and lots of links for resources.  I do not know this man, just was passed his link from another, so I cannot vouch for anything but his genius in making things work on a budget. He’s very well studied on this subject.


When I was a child, my Father was big into research of alternative living and homesteading; though he never lived to achieve much of that dream.  One of his favorite resources was the Mother Earth News; not for the fringe quasi-religious connections sometime associated with that organization, but for the ingenious technology and practical uses they show.  The magazine may no longer be published, but their online resources are still great.


I have written a short booklet The Turbo Nuclear Doomsday Preparation Guide about my early planning thoughts, sparked from the preponderance of Doomsday documentaries that abounded as we approached 12/21/12.   Wow, talk about people with egg on their face from all of THOSE crazy predictions, huh?  But no need to digress…

But HERE is a PDF version that is formatted for the Kindle but can be easily read on any PDF viewer as well.   Mostly for humor and to make you think, it’s a collaboration of thoughts that you may find interesting.   It was also written before this building project started, so it is mostly from the “bug-in” philosophy of surviving a crisis in your current housing situation.  Again, just to start your wheels of thoughts turning.  Enjoy.


More to come…




The Area


The area is nestled next to the foothills, my property being pretty much on that line between the hills and the more open range.  The property is replete with droppings from Deer and Elk (I was educated on how to tell them apart by my hunting friend and fellow SDCR Landowner, George) and I find a myriad of both fresh and old of both varieties.  I also have lots of evidence of their regular trek through my property, just a few dozen yards from the house plot.



This is a trail running right across my property over the ridge to the West of the house…





I have even spotted some of them on their trek in the middle of the day.


I was probably 100yd away, this was a zoom on my point-n-shoot camera, came out pretty nice.  He knew I was there, as I was upwind so he probably smelt me, stopped and stared at me while I got my camera out of my pocket, had just turned to walk away when I snapped the shot.

I have heard the coyotes at night when I was camping during the summer, and have been told that there is occasional black bear and bobcats or mountain lions that roam, though mostly the latter are further up into the foothills from my place.

On a trip during the Winter of 2012, I spotted quite a bit of evidence of active wildlife crossing my land.


We had 2-3 inches of snow cover, this was the driveway before I got to the house; all of this activity appeared in to have been in the previous 12 hours.


During Late October of ’13 we had 4” of snow at the Ranches and my neighbor George shot a few pics of my place when he was down in the area for an Elk Hunting Expedition.



TRR Snow 13.jpg

View in Driveway showing end of house and camper in back


TRR Snow 8.jpg

View from the Camper in Back


TRR Snow 2.jpg

View of Blanca and Vistas from my Driveway.


Looking forward to living here during winter time!